take a walk where the body entangles with the city

bodies-cities St. James Town |virtual reality experience

materials: oculus rift, virtual space designed with the Unity game engine | duration: 5 minutes

Role: Concept, Narrative & Interaction Design, Visual Development, User Research


Our bodies are immersed and entangled in the spaces we occupy, and how we‘see’, ‘hear’, or ‘feel’ a city is an embodied experience.  

Taking virtual reality (VR) to be an enfolding surface, my work explores the space between human bodies and the city. 

The interactive VR experience maps the multiple realities that emerge from these subjective experiences of public space.

Interaction Design

An interactive multi-stage exploration takes users on a virtual walk through multiple worlds that emerge from a resident's perception of a public site. The worlds presented in VR allude to the functional, personal and historical significance of the site.

These include the impact of green-spaces, architectural elements, diverse cultures, navigation patterns, and an acknowledgement of Indigenous memory and land ownership in Toronto.


This work explored and adapted a human centered toolset for urban spatial design. Research and VR interaction design explored the significance of desired and preferred urban design elements, and the practice and ethics of designing with embodied knowledge and acknowledging Indigenous history.

Urban knowledge sharers: Viji Murugaiyah, Elder Gary Sault

Technical advice/dev support at stages: Sophia Niergarth, Jonathan Carroll.

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