Memy app

a virtual memory circle for coping with the sense of isolation and confusion induced by dementia

digital tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator

The Design Process

Memy is based on my own challenges staying in touch with, and supporting, a parent living with dementia. I mapped physical and cognitive challenges through observations over a three week period, and created this prototype. 

The Problem:
dementia related memory loss creates a sense of panicked isolation and lack of confidence in one's body and mind. Close connections to loved ones seems to create confidence and enhances a patient's mood, or rather, limits the mood changes that cause stress and grief.
Development in progress as interface use issues emerge with long distance user testing.

Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator

User Experience Research

In the discovery phase, I mapped the factors that influenced my mother's mood changes as a dementia patient, her preferences for people, and topics that she responded well to. 


- she was happier, confident, and her coordination of her stroke affected hand seemed to improve when she communicated with people she liked and wanted to engage with, as opposed to others that upset her.  

- Secondary research gathering by consulting with her care giver and my father, revealed that their observations matched my observations.

Solution: Develop an application that encouraged the patient and her/his preferred circle of loved ones to keep in touch about specific topics related to past and present interest.

UI Problem Identification

Created a Minimum Viable Product prototype that addresses core challenges:

  • reminding a patient to initiate or check ongoing communications when living on their own. 
  • how to work through a mobile interface when the flow confuses her.
  • using visual cues that a dementia patient can still manage to recognize.

User Testing - Iterative

I have the challenge of testing this virtually since the primary user lives elsewhere. A Toronto test group is yet to be identified.

One test reveals the interface has to adjust to finger pressure and icon recognition issues this particular patient encounters.

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