“The body knows and remembers. Architectural meaning derives from archaic responses and reactions remembered by the body and the senses.” 

- Juhani Pallasmaa

User-Centered Design for Urban Placemaking

Mapping the psychogeographic experience as an interactive virtual reality experience

Designing with people

After a horizon scan of technology and urban design practices, I adapted a human centered research process to explore the the body's ways of knowing.


interviews, mapping with bodies during walkabouts, paper mapping and reflection. Reflective analysis with residents. Collaborative storyboarding for VR. 

Tech: photogrammetry, Unity game engine (VR dev).

Creating sensory worlds

The photogrammetry technique enabled the inclusion of real world layers that mattered to residents, within the simulated world of VR. The models created from site data from Canada and Sri Lanka.  

Translating human knowledge in emerging tech

The results of sensory ethnography were translated in to layers of an interactive virtual reality experience reflected alternative forms of knowledge for site analysis in public space design processes. More on this here: bodies-cities St James Town 

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