User-Centered Design | Products & Services

Strategy work in Canada, Asia, Africa

tools & methods: design thinking, brand identity, service design



product/service alignment with brand values.

Methods: discovery/contextual research for value/purpose/positioning, mapping functional/emotional drivers, audience analysis.

Artless Hub

(creative hub)

aligning brand values to audience analysis to improve service offerings.

Methods: discovery/contextual research for value/purpose/positioning, empathy experience, service prototyping.

Mercantile FX

(financial services)

Service enhancement and digital presence re-design based on audience research & analysis, and internal brand value alignment.

Methods: discovery/contextual research for value/purpose/positioning, audience survey, analysis, personas, digital content strategy.

Service Design, Oxfam

Brought Oxfam, government actors, and local Partners together to plan transitions and design strategies that improved services and offered new ones in local entrepreneurship, health, housing, emergency relief.

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